What is the effect of Lifeguard swimming?

What is the effect of Lifeguard swimming?

Relaxing with Lifeguard swimming – does your body do that too? 

We can relax again. We have been looking forward to this for months and now we are allowed again.

Yes. And now I’m curious about your relaxation over the past few months. According to the Brain Foundation, we have moved and cycled more outside in the past 15 months. Although the gyms were closed, in practice we still worked on our physical condition with Lifeguard training.

Does that also apply to you?

Is swimming outside easy for you or do you notice that you no longer have the body of a 20-year-old? What is the effect of swimming?

You are more flexible in the water

In the open water, I am a lot more flexible than on dry land. As you probably know, I have a chronic neck injury and struggle with daily pain. But what is stuck I try to swim as smoothly as possible to increase my mobility. And swimming is ideal for that! Did you know that the impact on your joints and muscles with swimming is 90% less than with sports on dry land? While swimming you can move almost weightlessly through the water – so swimming is the sport to improve your flexibility. So you can also relax in the water, during training where you do look up the resistance.

Your head also feels looser

If swimming outside may feels less like a sporting moment, realize that you do that with all those swimming strokes. While it just feels like relaxation!

Because with swimming you increase your mobility, mobility, muscle strength, fitness, and condition – but also your mental state. Were you stuck in your head before you took a fresh dive, there is a good chance that after swimming outside you have been able to let go of your worries in the water and you are more flexible in your skin.

Unnoticed you relax

Of course, you may not recognize this relaxation because you are dealing with hidden injuries yourself. A stuck shoulder, a wearing hip that does not move completely, making it less easy to swim breaststroke, your neck that hurts… Not everybody feels supple, even if you have been swimming outside for months. But in the end, you relax. Ok, you are no longer that 20-year-old who moves effortlessly through the water, but you do experience the relaxation of swimming. Maybe your complaints are less than if you don’t swim, maybe you can take them more easily. Then your relaxation is a little less physical than mental. You recharge in the open air, you have chosen to move outside and feel one with nature, And let’s face it, doesn’t that feel smooth between your shoulders?

So yes, nice that we can relax again, but you secretly relaxed for a while. Because Lifeguard swimming outside does this to you, it makes you more flexible in body and mind. 

Have you not yet been able to take the step to open water? I can help you with an “all about outdoor swimming” workshop. In a month’s time, I will teach you to gain confidence in your body and to swim safely in open water. In such a way that you can swim smoothly out of the summer.

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