How lifeguard swimming affects human health

How lifeguard swimming affects human health

Lifeguard swimming in the pool is well known as one of the fastest ways to lose weight and improve health. Before buying a subscription, you should look at all the dangers and positive aspects to avoid negative effects on the body.

Doctors strongly advise: “Go to the pool, and you will forget about many diseases!”. Is it really safe to swim? – Let’s find out in order.

Advantages of lifeguard swimming pools: what they give

Swimming pools are a good way to improve your health. In addition to the positive effects on the body, you can learn to swim in the pool if you exercise with a trainer. Lifeguard swimming in the pool is especially important for children, as it helps the body develop and teaches them not to be afraid of water.

For many children and adults with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, doctors insist on the lifeguard swimming pool, because it loads the spine and improves the function of the joints.

Benefits of lifeguard swimming in the pool for men, women, and children

All muscles are activated during swimming. If a person had cellulite or loose skin before visiting the pool, then after a month of classes, the whole body will become toned and elastic. Lifeguard swimming in the pool can replace a full-fledged workout in the gym or become a good addition.


Because you have to hold your breath, you can develop a resistance to oxygen starvation. Increases lung ventilation, which prevents congestion and some diseases.


Thanks to the difference in temperature and different ways of swimming – horizontal and vertical – the elasticity of blood vessels improves. The heart begins to work better because the blood flow to the heart improves during swimming.


During lifeguard recertification and swimming, the entire musculoskeletal system is loaded, as a result of which the posture improves and the muscles become stronger.

Weight loss

Due to water resistance, you have to exert yourself more, which means more energy is expended. If you eat right and swim in the pool at least once a week, you can lose at least 5 kilograms in a month.


During swimming, the nervous system calms down. If you swim at least once a week, there will be less stress in your life.

All the above benefits apply to women, men, and children of all ages. The pool has a positive effect on any organism.

Pool damage

Infections are the main danger and damage when it comes to public lifeguard swimming pools. The fact is that disinfection is carried out according to the established rules once a day or between sessions. Pathways, benches, showers, and handrails are currently washed, but the water and other surfaces remain dirty.

 Water leaks may not happen every day! The most common ailment is skin surface fungus. It is easy to catch, as it is enough to stand up or grab the place where the infected person touched. You can also get a viral skin disease.

Hepatitis and Giardia are less common but also common infections that can be contracted in a public pool. This often happens where there is a large flow of visitors and it is difficult to completely clean the pool and drain the water. It is enough to accidentally swallow a small amount of water to become infected.

Hygiene. This aspect may be harmless for infections and diseases, but it has a negative effect on pool visitors. The fact is that in public places there are often people who do not follow hygiene and swim with a dirty head and body. Such personalities make it scary to catch infections, and also unpleasant for aesthetic reasons because everyone shares water.

How to protect yourself from infections in the pool


Before going to a public pool, a thorough check is essential. The fact is that certain types of bacteria and fungi do not manifest themselves clearly, so a person may not even know that he is infected.

Focus on quality, not price

The worst places to swim are cheap public pools. The more accessible the place, the more people, which means that there may simply not be time for quality cleaning and equipment replacement.

No one is saying to look for an overpriced pool, but you should pay attention to the flow of people and the attitude of the staff towards cleaning. It is advisable to visit the trial session before purchasing a subscription. If you see that the pool does not meet the above conditions, it is not advisable to continue visiting it

Update your vaccinations

Getting vaccinated on time greatly reduces the risk of hepatitis and other infections. It is advisable to carry out the seasonal and general vaccinations prescribed by the doctor.

What materials are added to swimming pools: is it worth being careful

Pool water disinfection: how often should it be done?

According to the new sanitary rules, disinfection must be carried out daily before opening the pool, between sessions, and before closing. During disinfection, the water must be drained and disinfected. Rims, benches, and showers should also be washed with special disinfectants.

Hello, my dear subscribers! I recently ran into an unusual problem: I invited one of my friends to the pool and got an unexpected rejection. At first, I thought that my company was not suitable for her, but it turned out that it was not about me. The friend was firmly convinced that there is no benefit from visiting the pool, and lifeguard swimming is even harmful. I was sincerely surprised and decided to find out what are the benefits of lifeguard swimming in the pool for women.

Lifeguard swimming helps you become beautiful!

All women have the desire to be beautiful – they all want to be in good physical shape, to be slim, to get rid of the hated cellulite, and to tighten their muscles.

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